About us

Who we are

Developer and builder of ecological, urban and industrial projects.


Contribute to Instill Balance Into Globalization

Mission Statement

Mobilize the business world to bring development solutions to emerging economies.


Implement “The 8 Keys For Life” program in developing countries to bring about permanent change and improve living conditions.


Monetize local dormant assets, particularly to turn oil, gas and minerals into a force for development.

Consortium Profile


International Local Development Consortium

Our consortium consist of over 30 international leading companies with expertise in the ecological, urban and industrial development.
Each member company shares the vision of bringing about impactful change in the developing countries by creating a synergistic platform where they can contribute in an concerted effort to foster growth in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner. Each member company collaborates by applying ILDC’s values and principles and under the inspiration and direction of the General Project Management team of ILDC.

ILDC’s network

  • Investors and Financiers
  • Oil, gas and minerals mining companies
  • Technologies Development Companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Ecological, urban and industrial construction companies
  • Projects management companies
  • Commodity trading companies

The names of ILDC’s partners, members or business affiliates will be shared confidentially upon request.


The Subsidiaries, The Partners, The Member Companies and The Business Cooperators

ILDC is both a think-tank and a global lobbying network. It is a for-profit consortium that works with governments and private institutions to bring new concepts and measures to implement impactful and permanent change in the developing countries.




Mrs Huan Shan, the chairman-CEO of ILDC has over twenty years of experience in Finance, International, Urban & Industrial project Development in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With experience as a Consultant and a Contractor on all phases and a diverse range of major projects allied to strong Financial and Technical Abilities ideally suitable to provide advice on most complex projects as well as management of various constructional projects from Feasibility to Completion.
Over the years, has developed the ability to maintain an overall perspective on projects whilst dealing with daily issues. This allows an employment of clear and logical problem solving, analytical skills, developing strategies and contingencies for the benefit of both projects and the people involved.
As founder of “the 8 Keys for Life”, she has devoted ten years in creating, implementing and developing the internationally renowned and respected ILDC philosophy. Talented in the area of organization, gathering people with similar goals and visionary groundbreaking expertise in taking an idea from inception to implementation, completion and delivery ahead of scheduled timelines have brought success and recognition.
She is recognized and respected for her profound determination, integrity and interfaces with elected officials, local governments and grass root leaders to address the need for global communities. The keystone which unlocks worldwide and has drawn praises and acknowledgment has been a supportive role in humanitarian efforts to address equitable education opportunities, eradication of poverty and disease with economic progress for all, while providing a stable economic platform for international trade and growth.


ANATOLY UNITSKY is a famous Russian railway engineer, Ph.D. transport, academician innovator in transport, construction and agriculture. He was a member of USSR Cosmonautics Federation (the Department of Non-Rocket Space Transport Systems. He founded and headed the Republic Centre of Scientific and Technical Work for Youth named « The Star World”. He revolutionizes the Planetary Transport Vehicle (PTV) by developing the new generation of urban, trans-continents and minerals transport systems (STY and in December, 2009  he was awarded the title of laureate of Public National Prize “Golden Chariot” – “The Project of the Year of Russian Transport Industry. Today the STY technologies  unique technologies with higher quality which are in demand in any country of the world,, are on the verge of breaking into the worldwide market.
ANATOLY UNITSKY is an important member of ILDC Committee where take birth ILDC’s Strategies in the implementation of the Development Program “The 8 Keys for Life” throughout the emergent countries.


GREGORY BROWN Chairman and Managing Partner at GLOBAL CAST Partners LLC, is a successful entrepreneur, with four decades of international experience as Founder, CEO, COO and Director of various public and private companies in the commodities, digital media, telecommunications, IT, strategic investments, financial services, petroleum products & crude oil, mining, energy, etc.
His accomplishments include co-founding the companies that are now ASIA SAT (the largest regional satellite operator in Asia), STAR TV (the largest satellite broadcasting network in the world), ACTEL (a geostationary satellite proposition covering the African continent).  Mr. Brown is also the Founder and Chairman of GLOBAL CAST Networks, operating digital signage (LCD & LED) networks throughout South East Asia.  Prior to this, Mr. Brown was an investment banker with First Wall Street Capital Corporation and FORTREND INTERNATIONAL, both headquartered in New York and AFCORP Investments (Pty) LTD, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Most recently Mr. Brown organized events for President Mohamed AL MAGARIAF of Libya at the Council on Foreign Relations (200 VIP guest) and Human Rights WATUCH in New York on September 28, 2012 and prior to this a VIP reception at the United Nations in New York on June 15, 2013 for 170 invited guests.
GREGORY BROWN is an important member of ILDC Committee in helping to birth ILDC’s strategies in the implementation of the development program “The 8 Keys For Life” throughout the emerging countries.


SUNNY YANG has a strong diplomatic and political back ground in Korea. He also has unique global experiences in structuring financing for assets, monetizing/trading of Bank instruments and asset with major trader in the world.
SUNNY YANG is part of ILDC’s management team as one of the Executive Directors


NIELS ELLEGAARD represents ILDC in its mission throughout the world and the spokeman of ILDC’s new current though of Complementarity and Solidarity between the People, the Companies and the Nations. He is a visionary business entrepreneur, who through his own business network has widespread experience and knowledge in the digital technology field. He is the innovator of the 4M Platform, which leverages the use of mobile devices for Mobile Financial Service Delivery, through the deployment of disruptive mobile and cross digital channel information technology. Niels Ellegaard provides solutions, that are key drivers in enabling governments to utilize fully, the potential to accelerate development and growth in improving public services such as; education, healthcare, e-governance, and revenue collection, these solutions can also be augmented for use in private business and commerce. Globally he has 129 Solutions already deployed, with many more in the planning.


DAVID J. BURTON David Burton represents ILDC in its mission throughout the world and the spokeman of ILDC’s new current though of Complementarity and Solidarity between the People, the Companies and the Nations. He has over 40 years knowledge and experience in the construction and oil and gas industries. He has concentrated his wide ranging technical knowledge, into the development of the Swiss Ultra High Temperature Gasification (UHTG), giving birth to a technology that converts, different Solid Wastes into Electricity, which is environmentally friendly and does away with the requirement for landfill.


NATHOO ZOULFIKARALY is a well-known and famous lawyer in PARIS. He is also an expert in accounting and specialized in tax services as a former state tax inspector. He is a part of ILDC’s management team as Responsible of Legal Department.


ABDULRAHIM PLAYBEL CHAIRMAN OF GLOBAL CONSULTING NETWORK, he has been experienced for over twenty five years in Finance and represents now major finance groups in the Middle East and the Gulf Countries for projects funding in the whole world. His vast experience as a Global Consulting Group gives him direct access to major projects from the Decision Makers. He is part of ILDC’s management team as the Director of the Projects Development Department.


MARGARET M. NOGUERA is on the line of these famous families that have contributed to the Development of Central of America for many generations.  She has spent last 25 years in research of new pathways in prosperity creation of sustainable Industrial Development. Founder and Managing Director of global perspectives investment funds engaging in projects globally to improve circumstances anywhere to foster and benchmark real progress in public health, education, quality of life issues in communities and bringing together the multilayered & integrated approach to life through industry.
Margaret M. NOGUERA represents ILDC in its mission in Central and South of America and the Spokeswoman for the new current of thought based on the Complementarity and Solidarity between the people, the Companies and the Nations.


JOHN CHEUNGstarted his career in financial services as Deputy Manager for Bank Indosuez in Asia. He has acquired over 25 years of experience in the areas of financing in a number of Southeast Asian, Canada and US jurisdictions as a Developer of multi-faceted financial platforms and layered systems on a country-by-country basis, as well as on a Government level. His Expertise is unique with regards to investment and management strategy for innovating projects funding and commodities projects financing in analyzing, structuring and managing international, institutional and private portfolios in cooperation with Structured Solutions for long-term economic profitability to investors and to all the stakeholders involved. While being the Chairman and CEO of 3C CAPITAL PTE he also has joined ILDC for bringing his expertise in the commodities development funding since the philosophy of ILDC is to make the local natural resources a Force of Development for the Host Country.


Mr AMARTEY With his unique global experiences in structuring financing for assets and Bank instruments for Strategic Capital Growth Campaign, Strategic Capital Enhancement Campaign or SAMI – Strategic Assets Management Intellegence for Projects Funding within ILDC, he strongly contributes, as the Chief Financial Officer, to ILDC’s continued growth and success in the implementation of its Socio-Economic Development Program”the 8 keys for life”, in the spreading of its philosophy based on the complementarity and the solidarity between the people, the companies and the Nations. Mr Amartey is one of the keys people in ILDC’s organization.

The Core Team

Comprised of outstanding people from around the globe with extensive theoretical and practical experiences in the upstream and downstream areas of urban and industrial development. They have a wide range of business experiences and have been in national and international leadership roles both in the public and private sectors, including well-known companies.  They are excellent problem solvers and decision makers. They have worked throughout the world and are bringing their multi-cultural experiences, critical to international development, to ILDC.