Africa is on the move. No one can deny this fact. Investors, bankers, financial organizations and developers are keen to participate in Africa’s growth. Yet a number of factors have prevented many to get involved. Among the reasons are:

  • The fear of the unknown due to the lack of information on the country and on the proposed projects
  • The inability to control the operations of the projects
  • The ignorance of the laws of the land
  • The lack of qualified interlocutors
  • The slow pace of local officials
  • The inaccessibility to credible international banks and insurance companies


ILDC has designed a new approach in development solutions for the African countries based on a strong partnership with the host country’s government. ILDC develops local key projects as a 5 to 25 years project owner and becomes the direct project interlocutor to the bankers, financial organizations and developers.

ILDC has the expertise and professionalism to properly carry out small and large scale development projects in full accordance to international best practices and compliance standards. To alleviate the local government’s funding needs, ILDC would monetize local dormant assets and convert them into funding vehicles.

ILDC is a solutions Bearer of the Ecological Industrialization and Development of Africa:

ILDC will provide strategies and financial solutions for projects focused on the ecological industrialization and growth of Africa with integrated actions that can be put in place efficiently.

With the principle to expand trade between African nations and the rest of the world,

ILDC is filling the void left by the banking system and international lending institutions.
Africa developing countries demand new approaches for development. Market conditions are changing quickly, and the competitive factors are intensifying. Governments are seeking innovation and speed to capture market opportunities and meet new challenges. They are in need of financial solutions that do not bring forth new debt enslavement and Technologies that protect environment.

ILDC works with the country’s economies of scale and financial makeup to Sort out the development issues.

ILDC brings new ideas, new business models, and a new perspective. In doing so, we support the evolution by actually facilitating the implementation of the solutions.
Understanding Africa’s unique needs and responding with solutions that are creative, integrated, cost-effective, and practical is a vision, challenge and goal we meet every day. ILDC fulfills its goals through a « hands on » management approach by utilizing its extensive network of strategic partners worldwide in providing development solutions and properly managing projects. Our hands-on experience in financing enables us to approach problems from the African and Latino American countries’ perspective and offers solutions that maximize values today and well into the future. We seek to develop long-term relationships and providing value-added financial and technology services to ensure growth and prosperity of projects we are undertaking. Our strength lies in our portfolio of capable and credit worthy institutions. Strategic thinking and detailed analysis in reaching durable solutions for African Countries is our strength. We believe Africa’s developmental gap is a challenge, not a problem. We see opportunities for expansion, growth and we look to solutions that bridge the gap permanently. With Countries’ mandate, we find solutions and strengthen him and at the same time leave an imprint which shall serve as a landmark for Development in Africa and globally.

We turn dormant asset into tangible assets

We make the minerals, oil and gas Mining, a Force of Development. ILDC find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges with the latest technologies such as:

Reconnaissance and Exploration Concept with the Combination of Technologies from our different partners in the field.


ILDC prevents environment impacts

Environmental problems associated with mining include erosion formation of sinkholes, chemical contamination of surface waters and groundwater, and loss of biodiversity. Mining is required to follow strict environmental and rehabilitation codes, to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect the environment during the mining process, and that, once the mining operation is completed, the area is returned to a state similar to or better than its condition before the project was begun. These regulations, along with the technologies used to implement them, have significantly healthier mining practices.