Housing – A Home For The Millions

6For hundreds of millions of the world’s poor, home is not a place of comfort but an incubator for disease and despair. The U.N. Human Settlements Program estimates that more than 1 billion rural dwellers and 600 million urban residents in developing countries live in overcrowded housing with poor water quality, lack of sanitation, and no garbage collection. Roofs and walls of scavenged materials do not protect from rain, wind, pests, or intruders. Dirt floors turn to mud in the rainy season, putting those who cannot afford shoes, chairs, or a bed at greatest risk. Smoke and heat from open cooking fires cause respiratory ailments and severe burns in children.

Housing affects health in many different ways.


The Solution: Rapid Building Technologies

ILDC’s proven technologies, that can build up to 500 affordable homes of 100m2 monthly, will:

  • cost less
  • reduce construction time
  • provide quality and comfort
  • adhere to stringent environmental standards
  • look attractive


Affordable Homes

Retain all of the benefits of middle income and luxury homes while distinguishing themselves through architectural style and designs.

Innovative building and assembly process
Localized manufacturing operations

  • Reduce distribution costs
  • Create local employment and build a labor force of high, semi and low skilled population

In addition to constructing houses, ILDC also offers technologies and services such as fast-built clinics, hospitals, shopping centers, warehouses and labor camps.

New technology home required comparing with conventional home:

  • Water proof
  • Fire proof
  • Ant & cockroach proof
  • Roof included & sealed
  • High heat shield for tropics
  • One AC conduit can cool home
  • Multiple designs
  • Smooth finish plaster
  • Fast-build
  • Labor: 4 to 7 persons x 5,000 homes
  • Large indigenous employment skilled/semi-skill
  • Rapid manufacture
  • 50-year roof
  • Energy efficiency
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Compressive strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Non-toxic and recyclable material
  • Not Water Proof
  • Not fire proof
  • Standard termite habitat
  • Buy long span aluminum at extra cost
  • Block conducts and holds heat
  • One AC per room needed
  • Limited block look design
  • Paint finish
  • Slow-build
  • Labor: 22 to 26 persons x 50 – 100 homes max
  • Primarily semi-skilled
  • Heavy & expensive concrete structures
  • Limited guarantee on structural integrity

lLDC’s Objectives: A Home For The Millions

ILDC has opened the doors to the Housing Market and is providing innovative solutions such as the Integrated Houses where water and power can be individually supplied.The township will be complete in all aspects community centers, recreation facilities, schools, hospitals, etc. The green design incorporates features such as maximum natural ventilation, glazed windows, energy-saving compact fluorescent lights, solar public lighting, open and green landscapes, rain water harvesting, etc

Housing priorities

The priority housing and homeless objectives are:

  • Provide citizens with the opportunity to live in safe, sanitary and decent housing that is affordable to them.
  • Produce and/or rehabilitate decent and affordable housing to meet the needs of special populations such as the elderly, disabled, homeless, large families, single parents, farm workers and physically and mentally disabled persons.
  • Preserve, maintain and repair the existing housing stock in the City.
  • Apply for additional help at every opportunity to assist extremely low income and very low income households and individuals.
  • Continue to provide opportunities to assist first time home buyers.
  • Provide supportive services to assist those families with special needs, to prevent homelessness, and to provide the extra help needed to keep families at risk from becoming homeless.
  • Empower and revitalize neighborhoods so they can become strong proponents for change for their residents.
The Second Key
  • cost less
  • reduce construction time
  • provide quality and comfort

…at affordable prices

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