The best asset and strength of a nation is a healthy and vibrant population

10Freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to work and the right to enjoy a healthy life are enshrined in the constitutions of most of the countries as fundamental rights of its citizens. However this freedom does not always guarantee enjoyment and good health for the poor citizens of many countries.

They frequently face the dilemma of very restrictive budget limitations for healthcare expenditures and a growing population. In such a situation the provision of cost-effective healthcare facilities becomes particularly important..

ILDC Promotes The Implementation Of Mobile Hospitals

Mobile hospitals offer health care to people living in remote areas who have no medical access. Mobile hospitals would come in the form of trailers fully equipped with high tech medical technologies that traverse the country.

Vision, Objective and Goals

The key objective of the mobile hospital is to eliminate all barriers, be it economic, geographic, social or cultural that prevents people from receiving adequate health care. It provides equality to its citizens.

ILDC’s vision is to implement a ‘tour planning’ model, which uses computers to design tours and stops using geographical, demographic, weather, road conditions data. This mobile model optimizes effectiveness and efficiency. The biggest benefit lies in the model’s education program of prevention, early detection and care. It will drastically reduce health problems and in time would create a healthier population, which in turn would reduce health care costs.

Empowerment Of Target Groups

One of the key elements of the mobile hospital program is to educate people in health care so that they would WANT to take care of themselves and empower others to do so. The aim is for people to realize that “prevention is better than cure”, particularly when it comes to health care.

Through research and products development we ensure visible advantages and solutions which are safe, durable and enviromentally sound.


Access to health care for all.
If you cannot come to the hospital, the hospital car comes to you