154The absence of environmental protection will lead us to live on a devastated planet. Survival on the planet will become a major problem. Education and technology play a key role in saving the environment in balancing the act of extracting from the environment the natural resources on which our life depends, without destroying it.

Waste To Energy

Conventional handling via burning or landfills create environmental problems. Burning causes serious pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Landfills waste valuable property, are breeding grounds for disease carrying vermin & pathogens, and cause leaching of dangerous toxins into vital groundwater.

Clean energy solutions provide the ideal remedy to these problems. By installing our Waste to Energy systems, all Municipal solid Waste materials can be safely disposed of while also producing reliable, environmentally friendly electrical energy. Our systems can effectively process many kinds of waste streams, including Plastics, all types, paper & cardboard, all types, wood products & particles, all types, tires & other rubber products, pesticides, cleaning chemicals & other (non-radioactive) hazardous materials, biomass, food wastes, agricultural wastes, animal manure, animal wastes, hospital wastes, used motor oil, other petroleum products, grass cuttings & leaves, leather, fabrics, paints & dyes, sludge from sewage treatment plants, and others. All these are rendered harmless and produce clean energy as a byproduct

Using cutting-edge energy technologies to convert municipal solid waste and other carbonaceous wastes to green energy for producing valuable energy resources

The Eight Key: Environment Protection

The most economical solution to preserve the natural environment.


Sludge to diesel plant



Bio gas from waste