Field of expertise together with our different partners:

  • Design, construction and operation of Agro-villages
  • Agro Industrial Centers
  • Field crops and fruit production and processing
  • Protected Agriculture – greenhouses, tunnels, sorting & packing houses
  • Dairy – farming and processing into dairy products
  • Poultry – egg layers, broilers, processing
  • Aquaculture
  • Livestock for meat – cattle, pigs, goats, sheep
  • Renewable energy – biofuel production
  • Agronomic risk management
  • Optimization of the crop growth cycle
  • The natural fertilizer under the form of capsules turn the poor soil into fertile agricultural land and also have the power to store water during the rainy season and release the water during the dry season which help the farmers to greatly reduce their fertilizer costs while helping them with irrigation during the dry season. These capsules generate about a 80% savings on water, in addition to the tremendous positive impact that they have on human health and the environment.




The Sixth Key:

Developping agriculture is preserving life.