The spheres of action


Principles of sustainability

  • ENERGY SUPPLIED BY RENEWABLE ENERGIES — Photo-voltaic, concentrated solar power, wind, waste to energy and other technologies.
  • WASTE TO ENERGY, diversion of waste from landfill (includes waste reduction measures, re-use of waste wherever possible, recycling, composting).
  • SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT Zero carbon emissions from new generation of STU Transportation.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS Specifying high recycled materials content within building products; tracking and encouraging the reduction of embodied energy within material sand throughout the construction process; specifying the use of sustainable materials such as Forest Stewardship Council certified timber, bamboo and other products.
  • SUSTAINABLE FOOD Retail outlets to meet targets for supplying organic food and sustainable and or fair trade products SUSTAINABLE WATER
  • HABITATS AND WILDLIFE All valuable species to be conserved or relocated with positive mitigation targets.
  • CULTURE AND HERITAGE Architecture to integrate local values.
  • EQUITY AND FAIR TRADE Fair wages and working conditions for all workers as defined by international labor standards HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Facilities and events for every demographic group.

The power of the will



Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall (Confucius)



  • We inspire the business world to engage in humanitarian endeavors. While serving our own interests, we also bring development solutions to the emerging countries through our program “The 8 Keys For Life”.
  • With the local governments we conceive projects with a vision of change that meets the deep desire of the populations for a better life in a more human world dictated by Justice and Solidarity.
  • In each project undertaken , the population will fully participate to the building of their countries. Vocational training in different fields, at different levels will be availble to help their integration.
  • Together, we will make the 8 keys accessible to the most destititute people.


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