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Our vision

To make our vision a reality

Taking values from the past to bring solutions to the present with vision, in order to lead our world in a new way of thinking and acting; generating essential conditions to overcome worldwide economic crisis, to create peace and prosperity.


Change is crucial.  Denying this obvious is refusing to face reality. A new model to change society that encompasses the social, economic and human balance is a ‘Must’.  Our world requires change and ILDC with its vision, makes the first steps in the building of a “new society”

Our concept

ILDC Consortium

Founded ‘The 8 Keys For Life’ program for the purpose of implementing ‘change’ in order to contribute to the global balance that requires:

1 – A new approach based on complementarity and solidarity.

With the advent of science, information and technology, the close interdependence of the world as one family can no longer be denied. Therefore, ‘growth’ and ‘change’ would be based on complementarity and solidarity.

2 – The Utilization of Resources as a Force for Development

Natural resources, instead of going into the coffers of multi nationals and looters, must be monetized and be used as a force for development. ILDC has set the policy to turn the local dormant natural resources into tangible assets allowing the country to afford the funding of its projects. ILDC’s hands-on experience in financing enables it to approach problems from the African and Latino American countries’ perspective and offers solutions that maximize values today and well into the future. The ultimate objective is to generate sustainable economic growth for reducing poverty with minimal environmental impact, through good governance.

3 – A model of “integrated projects”

 ILDC brings a New Vision in Development, where the Economies and Communities are developed concurrently through « Backbone integrated projects » becoming « Poles of Development » of the country with reduction in the investment cost and implementation time. These « integrated projects » will generate and will facilitate the implementation of other projects.

4 – New and advanced technologies

New and advanced technologies will be used for the ecological, urban and industrial development of societies while preserving traditions and culture.

Join us


General Mobilization

We are all, builders of our world at different levels therefore the global situation must be everyone’s concern. Whatever occurs in our world, affects our daily life, so our first worry must be about the world’s problems and how to solve them, only then can we consider harvesting any rewards.
The Future Peace and Prosperity of our World, depends on the measures we introduce now to achieve the Global Balance. The perpetual conflicts of interests must give way to the inspiration of Solidarity. Building a World that lives in Harmony will unite all the worldwide raised voices into a Collective Melody.

You Are The Decision Makers

You have the financial and technical expertise and capacities to make a change. Please join us. With you we will be able to undertake more.